Tuesday 30 July 2013

Hawaii - Global Star Capital - Rich Cocovich

For two decades Rich Cocovich www.rich-Cocovich.net has been the most successful intermediary and consultant in private funding with clients on all continents except Antarctica. Cocovich www.richardcocovich.com launched his brainchild Global Star Capital www.globalstarcapital.org in 1991. Hawaii USA has been a haven for Global Star Capital www.aboutglobalstarcapital.com services projects since inception of the company. See more examples of projects at www.globalstarcpaital.mobi.  

Sunday 7 July 2013

Spain Projects - Global Star Capital

Spain is beautiful and full of projects that Global Star Capital www.globalstarcapital.co has serviced under the guidance of founder Rich Cocovich www.richcocovich.us. Examples of Spanish projects are located at this website http://www.globalstarcapital.mobi/spain/