Sunday 31 March 2013

Global Star Capital Review

Global Star Capital founder and Chief Executive Officer Richard Cocovich is meeting new clients in Verona Italy, Amsterdam Netherlands, Cologne Germany and Zurich Switzerland this week
Cocovich has been the top private funding intermediary since 1991 with clients in over 115 countries to his credit. His Global Star family of companies has achieved the DUN and BRADSTREET highest rating DUNS 147151315. Rich Cocovich review
Global Star Capital review

Thursday 7 March 2013

New York Projects - Global Star Capital

For over two decades Global Star Capital and Richard Cocovich have serviced projects in New York and New York City. See examples at this link

Saturday 2 March 2013

In like a Lion in March for Global Star Capital

March 2013 has roared like a Lion for the world's top project private funding consulting firm Global Star Capital In only the 2nd day of the month a record 5 new clients have solidified engagement of the firm's expertise. "We service the top projects plus ideas in the world and have a protocol that must be adhered to in order for projects and their principals to qualify for our services" say Chief Executive Officer Richard Cocovich who's creation of the private funding servicing consulting sector in 1991 was the first of its kind. "It is no secret that projects which obtain investment capital must be represented by the best professionals who service under contractual and compensated formats" adds Cocovich It is estimated that only 10% of commercial and intellectual projects world wide are funded and all have the highest representation possible. Peter Doychak, a real estate developer says "Global Star Capital and Rich Cocovich are by far the most superior service in private funding. I have had numerous projects serviced by Rich and his staff". To qualify your project and meet acceptance consideration by Global Star Capital, please begin the relationship process at the company's main website beginning at the Home Page and then following the Our Process section.