Saturday 23 February 2013

DUNS 147151315 - Global Star Capital

Global Star Capital is Dun and Bradstreet's highest rating DUNS 147151315 from it's parent company down through all subsidiaries. The CEO of Global Star Capital is Rich Cocovich The main company website of Global Star Capital is Clients over two decades an in 119 countries including all 50 USA states have brought on Richard Cocovich and Global Star Capital for their top consulting skills in the private funding arena of commercial and intellectual property project. Global Star Capital is a professional fee based firm--only serious and prepared clients are welcome.

Monday 11 February 2013

Michael Donatelli - Condolences from Global Star Capital

Global Star Capital and our CEO Rich Cocovich send prayers and condolences to the family of Michael Donatelli who was tragically killed in a helicopter crash while filming for the Discovery Channel north of Los Angeles on February 10th 2013. Michael was an exceptional father, brother, son and veteran of the United States military.

Wednesday 6 February 2013

"Crowdfunding" why it is for the novice and unsuccessful

Rich Cocovich says "Crowdfunding is for the novice and unsuccessful project principals who cannot afford professional fees and high end representation". Cocovich  is the CEO and founder of the world's leading private funding consulting firm Global Star Capital The firm is over two decades old and has serviced clients in 119 countries to date. Global Star Capital also invests its own funds into certain sector projects. Many high dollar net worth individuals and governments collectively worth over US $20 billion have vetted and screened plus permitted Global Star Capital and Rich Cocovich to present the world's leading projects to their desks. See examples of these projects at