Monday 29 April 2013

Global Star Capital - Serving Clients Since 1991

Corporate USA offices for Global Star Capital have been held on Hilton Head Island SC since the mid 1990's. Global Star Capital began servicing clients in 1991 originally in Florida USA. Rich Cocovich formulated Global Star Capital, now the world leader in intermediary/consulting services for private funding seeking principals, with a vision. That vision exploded into one of the most sought after private companies in terms of services within the history of private funding. Investors await Cocovich's presentations for clients daily. In fact, over $20 billion in working capital allots time weekly for Global Star Capital clients. Global Star Capital is DUN and BRADSTREET best rated 147151315 from it's parent company to it's subsidiaries.

Featured on Weblist - Global Star Capital

Rich Cocovich was 20 years old when he formulated the game plan for Global star Capital Today the company spans worldwide servicing clients in 119 countries to date. Global Star Capital is the top intermediary firm in the private funding of projects arena. Weblist, is a valuable online marketing tool, has featured Global Star Capital and Richard Cocovich See the Weblist feature on Global Star Capital and Rich Cocovich here

Wednesday 24 April 2013

Private Funding Specialists Global Star Capital

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Sunday 7 April 2013

Cologne Germany - Global Star Capital

Global Star Capital executive in charge Richard Cocovich is meeting with new clients in Cologne Germany today. Global Star Capital leads the world private funding arena as the pinnacle intermediary an consulting firm. Launched in 1991 by Rich Cocovich, Global Star Capital has the best rating by Dun and Bradstreet for all branches stemming from its parent company DUNS 147151315. Serious and solvent clients are welcome to proceed with building a relationship with Global Star Capital at their main website For a review on Richard Cocovich, please visit the following website

Zurich Switzerland - Global Star Capital

Another round of successful client meetings and project presentations to private investors has taken place this past week in Zurich Switzerland for Global Star Capital Richard Cocovich, the Global Star Capital executive in charge personally conducted the meetings. Global Star Capital is featured on Weblist. Weblist is an exciting new marketing tool for businesses with a world wide presence. The Global Star Capital Weblist link is
Global Star Capital is part of the Global Star family of companies which are Dun and Bradstreet rated the highest in DUNS number 147151315. The main company website for the firm in where new clients can follow the protocol listed in the Our Process section of the website
To see examples of projects Rich Cocovich and Global Star Capital have serviced as the pinnacle intermediary and consulting firm in private funding for over two decades, please visit